1. Before installation, please ensure printer is connected and turned on.

2. Follow the installation steps until finish. 

3. Go to control panel.

   If the control panel opens automatically, please skip to step 5.

4. Click Devices and Printers.

5. Right click on Label Printer -> Printer properties.

6. Print test page to check the printer.

7. Set as default Printer.

8. Select the paper type: Right click on Label Printer -> Printing preferences.

9. Go to page setup.

10. Select the paper size in "Paper Name".

11. If the size you need is not listed, you can click "New" to create a label size. 

12. Input width and height, and change name, then click "OK" to save.

13. Set up a printer: To change the Print Speed ,Density and Size units, you can go to Option.

14. Change printing speed in "Print Speed".

15. Change the darkness in "Print Density".

16. Change unit in "Size Units".

17. Unload label from your printer, click "Adjust the sensor" to adjust your printer sensor.

18. Load label to your label, then click "Study gap label" to let your printer learn the gap label.

19. If your printer flashes the blue light, it means that the learning has failed; You need to repeat the above 2 button clicks again.

20. Click "OK".

21. Choose file (PDF file) to print.

22. Click "Print".

23. Select your printer.

24. Before click Print, check the preview and print size. Then click "Print".